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 e-End offers complete certified recycling services for a wide range of electronics, IT assets and devices of all sizes

Irresponsible E-Waste Disposal creates horrific impact on the global environment

How do companies recycle computers?

Many people are asking these questions “What do I do with my old computers?” or “Where do I dispose our old computers?” According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency electronic waste is one of the facing growing segments of the municipal waste stream. Companies could face large fines as well as huge damage to their reputation if they don’t recycle their unused IT Assets in a proper and responsible way. We, at e-End, offer you customized IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Solutions that suit your needs, by quickly providing an affordable solution and a fast schedule to pick up all of your old IT assets such as computers, servers, networking equipment, telephone systems, cell phones, copiers, printers, audio/video, medical and test equipment and much more. Take a look at a complete list of the items we accept.

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Our data security experts are waiting for your call at (240) 529-1010, or email us at

Certified Computer Recycling Services

e-End Warehouse Computer Disposal

Every single IT item that comes into in our secure facility will be carefully inspected for data containing media, recorded and tracked in every step of its processing.  We recycle 100% of material processed, have no illegal exporting and have a zero landfill policy.

e-End goes far beyond the federal guidelines when recycling your items, and protect your company’s reputation by preventing a costly data breach

You will receive a Certificate of Certified Recycling and a Certificate of Data Destruction (where applicable). 

Certified Data Sanitization Services

At e-End, we take your data security very seriously.

e-End certifies 100% data destruction and data cannot be recovered by any means. (Our data destruction is audited by an independent forensic lab.)

Companies and large organizations choose e-End for our secure procedures during the entire recycling process, including a continuous and unbroken chain of custody of materials, environmental and public health, worker health and safety, and facility and data security.

We perform degaussing with an NSA evaluated degausser, hard drive shredding and secure data wiping.

 Secure data destruction and electronics recycling are our specialties.

e-End utilizes a low speed, high torque shredder for destroying media and a wide variety of material. Items that can be shredded include hard drives, laptops, blade servers, military equipment, ITAR controlled devices and many other types of equipment and devices. 

If you are still thinking about where to recycle your computers and laptops, drop them off at our secure Frederick facility, give us a call at 240-529-1010 or send us an email at

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