Area Residents and Businesses Recycle over 20 tons of Electronics During Earth Day Event

Frederick area business helps to  keep hazardous waste out of the landfill

e-End Earth Day Event
e-End Earth Day Event

A continuous stream of cars and trucks recently lined up to drop off their unused electronics during a recent recycling event hosted by e-End. The Frederick-based firm, which offers secure data sanitization and environmentally-responsible recycling of end-of-life electronics, provided local residents and businesses an Earth Day opportunity to recycle their old electronics for free.

The event, held on Saturday April 26th at e-End's headquarters, provided the community a convenient way to dispose of their old computers, electronic devices, monitors, televisions, VCRs, office equipment and more while keeping toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury and cadmium from contaminating the environment.

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the turnout for this event." said Arleen Chafitz, CEO of e-End. "The community has shown they want to do the responsible thing by recycling their old electronics. We're glad to be able to provide a place where they can take them." Among the 41,000 pounds of items collected were: 11,283 pounds of computers and laptops, 9,921 pounds of tube televisions, 3,473 pounds of printers, faxes and scanners plus 134 CRT monitors.

As an R2-Certified recycler, e-End must follow strict procedures during the entire recycling process, including chain of custody of materials, environmental and public health, worker health and safety, and facility and data security. They have a Zero Landfill Policy for all material handled, so nothing will pose a risk to the health of our environment.

"The highest level of recycling is reuse." said Chafitz. "So any items we received that can be refurbished and put back in service may be donated to non-profits, or offered for sale at an excellent value when compared to buying new."

In addition to free recycling, e-End was also able to offer peace of mind to everyone who dropped off a computer, cell phone or other device containing personal data. "Unlike the recycling bins at the big box stores where you have no idea what happens to your device, our data security certifications require us to ensure the data is 100% non-recoverable." added Chafitz.

e-End is open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm, for residential electronic recycling drop-off. While most items are accepted for free, some items such as CRT monitors and tube televisions will be charged a disposal fee. Call 240-529-1010 or visit for more information.