e-End Recognized by Maryland School for the Deaf

Frederick company participated in Work-to-Learn program for students

Through their support of the Work-to-Learn program by providing employment opportunities, e-End of Frederick, MD was recently awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD).

Pictured L to R are Steve Chafitz (President of e-End), Brandon Garrett, and Arleen Chafitz (CEO of e-End)
Pictured L to R are Steve Chafitz (President of e-End), Brandon Garrett, and Arleen Chafitz (CEO of e-End)

For the spring semester, e-End welcomed Brandon Garrett of Salisbury, MD to their team. During his tenure, Brandon worked in the demanufacturing area of the warehouse and was tasked with disassembling equipment for recycling.  One job that Brandon individually handled was taking apart medical infuser pumps and separating the various components for processing.

“Having an active warehouse environment, I was initially concerned about possible safety issues,” said Arleen Chafitz, CEO of e-End. “But working with Brandon and his support team at MSD, all my concerns were eliminated and there were no problems at all.”

Through the Work-to-Learn program, MSD high school students work to develop a variety of skills by expanding the walls of classroom learning. They learn employability skills through academic preparation and hands-on career development experiences under the guidance of MSD’s employment specialists. All businesses that participate are provided with job coaching support to assist both the student and their co-workers.

"I really liked working at e-End. My co-workers were very nice and helped me whenever I needed it. I really enjoyed learning how to take apart things and how things were used again." said Brandon through an interpreter.

Added Arleen, “We wish Brandon all the best as he prepares to move onto college, and look forward to future opportunities of working with students from MSD.”

To learn more about the Maryland School for the Deaf, visit http://www.msd.edu.