Pennsylvania’s Electronic Recycling Dilemma

Our Pennsylvania neighbors are in a dilemma. How do they properly recycle their old electronics? PA Recyclers that depended on higher commodity prices were accepting old electronics at no charge, however, with very low commodity prices, taking old electronics without charging a fee for items like TVs and old CRT monitors is not viable any longer.

Recycling Dilemma

Landfilling is illegal so some people are resorting to dumping their old electronics along the roadside.

A recent article from a USA affiliate stated, “A lot more old televisions and computers are going to be dumped illegally unless state lawmakers get busy and change a 2010 law on electronics recycling.

e-End, located in Frederick MD and just a 30 minute drive from US 15, PA and MD border is helping Pennsylvania residence by accepting a wide variety of electronics at no charge. We do have to charge for TV’s and Old CRT monitors since they have a cost for the required special recycling. CRTs are $8/unit and TV’s are $25/UNIT. Due to the special documentation and Certification requirements for commercial clients, we do have fees for some equipment.


Pittsburg Post-Gazette stated…“Above all, consumers must resist the urge to throw up their hands in frustration and sneak pieces of a TV into the trash, or dump it in the woods. A cathode ray tube contains several pounds of lead. Hang on to it until it can be safely taken care of — and be willing to pay a small fee to a recycler. Cough up a few of the bucks you’ve been saving on gasoline.”

We offer equipment pickups for a logistics fee depending on your location.

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