Offering Complete PC Systems to Students

Frederick Electronics Recycler Is Offering Complete PC Systems to Assist  Budget Minded Back to School Students

Frederick’s e-End receives thousands of computers for recycling.  Most units are older and unusable, however, when they receive computers that still have a good life ahead, e-End refurbishes them and offers at very low prices. 

Through September 2nd, e-End will be offering, from their warehouse sales facility, fully refurbished Dell desktops, with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse for $80.00. The system is perfect for students to write reports, do internet research and work in the many other areas of their curriculum requiring a computer. All units are sold with a 90 day warranty, will have operating system installed, plus a program that has the same features as Microsoft Office.

e-End is a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher and offers a wide variety of electronics including desktops, servers, laptops, printers, audio/video equipment, plus a wide range of parts for those building or repairing computer systems. For further information visit or call 240-529-1010.