e-End Owners To Be Honored For Philanthropic Work In Education

Around Thanksgiving of last year, Arleen and Steve Chafitz, owner and CEO of e-End, stepped in to meet a need of the Mistaken Identity Foundation. The foundation had online classes ready to begin and with one week until start date, they were in dire straits, because all of their computers were dying one-by-one. Whether it was "blue-screens", computers powering on or taking an eternity to receive emails, it wasn't looking good for the program that was set to serve the community with online workforce training. The administrative assistant began searching for a solution and came across e-End.

e-End was able to supply the foundation with 20 certified Microsoft Refurbished desktop computers, including flat-screen monitors and accessories for each. As a certified electronics recycling company, through R2:2013 Certification, e-End is able to take end-of-life computers that are disposed by government agencies or non-government organizations, securely wipe the IT assets of data and refurbish the computers for reuse.

Mrs. Sheri Green, executive director of MI Foundation, standing with donated computer towers she received from e-End in November 2017.

Mrs. Sheri Green, executive director of MI Foundation, standing with donated computer towers she received from e-End in November 2017.

On May 19, 2018 at 7:00PM, Mistaken Identity Foundation (MI) will be hosting their Inaugural Community Gala to honor e-End owner, Arleen Chafitz, and CEO, Steve Chafitz. This award is their most prestigious honor given to a person or group who have played a critical role in the Foundation's success, while embodying the spirit of selflessness and generosity.

2018 philanthropist award.jpg

Mistaken Identity Foundation will also recognize the lives and efforts of the community members that are served by the organization, as well as those who support their mission. These awards include the Founder's Award, Community Inspiration Award, Outstanding Volunteer Award, Outstanding Philanthropist or Philanthropist Group (e-End) and the Reliford T. Buddy Byrd Scholarship Award. MI was founded by business owner, Sheri M. Green in 2013 while working on a government contract to provide workforce development for low-income young adults in Baltimore City.  The foundation was born out of a real-time recognition of the lack of understanding regarding the opportunity being presented and the inability to change their mindset, break old habits or learn life skills. MI helps identify positive leverage that can children of incarcerated persons, assist teens, young adults and 1st-time offenders course correct their thoughts and actions as well as help offenders re-adjust to home life, breaking old habits, obtaining work skills and gaining/maintaining employment.

Congratulations to the great leadership team of Arleen and Steve Chafitz, and to the supporting team at e-End, who prepared and delivered the donation to the foundation. To purchase tickets to the event or make a donation of your own to the cause at Mistaken Identity Foundation, click here

About e-End

e-End is a Certified Woman Owned Small Business that operates a secure facility in Frederick, MD. We specialize in destroying a wide variety of classified data and various controlled devices. This includes destruction of data containing media, destruction of ITAR controlled devices, IT equipment, and tactical military devices. e-End processes and recycles all end of life IT assets, medical and test equipment. They routinely destroy tactical weapons and body armor that has reached the end of its certified period of use. Contact us for assistance.