e-End recognized for contribution to local community.

Representatives of Frederick County Maryland’s Office of Economic Development met at e-End to recognize the company for the ...”Impact and commitment your company makes to the economic vitality of Frederick County."

e-End owner and  CEO Arleen Chafitz , along with e-End’s  president Steve Chafitz  accepted the certificate of recognition

e-End owner and CEO Arleen Chafitz, along with e-End’s president Steve Chafitz accepted the certificate of recognition

e-End does accept various items at no charge as well as pay you for some items.

We do have the opportunity to receive items that may have a modest recovery value and in these cases we take the items at no charge.

If you have IT assets that still have a fair market value we may pay for those assets.

It’s more than having e-End properly recycle old electronics.  We must be able to identify all equipment and devices that retain data and properly destroy the data. Specialized equipment and highly trained personnel are required to destroy data and guarantee the data is 100% destroyed.

You can pay, but beware if you have a trash hauler such as 800-got-a-truck haul away your PCs and other electronics. When you do that you incur all the risks if they illegally dispose of the equipment. Or even worse, if they access the data on the equipment and make it public (there are times equipment is taken for recycling with the intent to extract and sell data). You are required to safeguard that data and if there is a breach, you will be subject to fines and penalties.