Equipment and Device Destruction
ITAR Destruction 

  • e-End destroys a wide variety of equipment, products and devices of all types.

  • We provide: rifle destruction, shotgun destruction, pistol destruction, ballistic vest destruction, contraband destruction.

  • ITAR Destruction - Weapons Destruction - Equipment Destruction - Equipment Demilitarization

    • ITAR Conformance

    • Demilitarization

    • Prototype Destruction

    • Product Destruction

    • Destruction of Returned Products

    • High Security Devices

    • Weapons

    • Ballistic Vests

    • Production samples

    • Customer returns

    100% Destruction Guarantee

    The security team at e-End routinely destroys a variety of equipment and devices rendering them unusable for their original intended use (or any other uses except for recycling as commodities.)

    Materials are destroyed using a variety of techniques including shredding, shearing, and incineration — with a Certificate of Destruction provided to provide a defendable 3rd party audit trail.

    Video: e-End destroying decommissioned EOD equipment

    In many cases devices we receive also require disassembly to locate and separately destroy proprietary circuitry, processors, and other discrete components.

    We have destroyed highly classified and secure material for agencies such as the U.S. Secret Service, Department of Defense, Department of State, Homeland Security and others. Companies of all sizes have also relied on our destruction services to protect their sensitive property from falling into the wrong hands.

    Demonstration of e-End's device and equipment destruction capabilities. In this video, an M-15 Training Rifle with Laser Targeting is sent through our shredder, thus rendering it unusable for it's original intended use (or any other uses except for recycling as commodities.)

    Some of the materials we have destroyed include:

    • Night Vision Devices

    • Covert Surveillance equipment

    • Tactical Radios

    • Satellite Equipment

    • Avionics

    • Weapons (including pistols and long guns)

    • Specialized Military Equipment

    • Communication Equipment

    • Body Armor

    • End User Products and Prototypes

    • Laptops/PCs/Servers

    • Contraband

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    Equipment Drop Off Location:

    Monday – Friday: 9AM-4PM
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed

    7118 Geoffrey Way Unit E
    Frederick, MD 21704
    Phone: (240) 529-1010