FREE Electronics Recycling*

Save on cost. Solve the problem. Stay compliant.

During the month of February 2019, e-End offers FREE Electronics Recycling* of retired IT assets and electronics equipment. Some specialized material and oversized equipment may incur a fee.**

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Promotion Details

After contacting e-End, our team will receive your request for services. An easy to complete Client Inventory Estimator will be sent to you to list the material you wish to be recycled.

Upon qualifying for the FREE Electronic Recycling* program, and after receiving and accepting our proposal for the scope of work, you will be contacted to schedule a date for pick-up.

* Qualifying Conditions:

Pictured. 75-mile radius of e-End’s secure facility in Frederick, MD
  1. This offer is only for material being picked up within a 75-mile radius of e-End’s facility in Frederick, MD.

  2. There will be a fee for any data sanitization of electronic media, i.e., hard drives, optical media SSDs. etc.

  3. Multiple location pickups must individually meet minimum material and/or sanitization requirements.

  4. Must submit a  Client Inventory Estimator to, then sign and return the job proposal provided by our data security advisor.

  5. There may be a fee to pick up material that does not meet material type and minimum quantity assessment.

Have questions or ready to get started, give us a call at 240-529-1010, email us at or contact us here.

** For CRT monitors and CRT televisions, which require special environmentally safe processing, charges will apply. e-End reserves the right to charge for any equipment that requires more than normal recycling or transportation efforts.