How We Started

After the revolution comes the clean up

Steve and Arleen Chafitz are electronics pioneers, responsible for introducing some of the world’s most innovative personal electronic devices to American consumers in early 1970’s.

While personal electronic devices created a global communications and information revolution, they also became obsolete at increasingly rapid rates. e-Waste has become the fastest growing segment of the waste stream, with an EPA estimate of over 200 million old TVs, computers, cell phones and other electronics stored in US homes and offices. The result, Steve now says, “It’s a potential environmental nightmare of a major magnitude whose impact is just beginning to be assessed”.

“When we saw how much electronic equipment was being discarded carelessly, it was shocking how it was hurting the environment and it was evident that the opportunity was there to be at the beginning of a new business wave”, Arleen says. “It gives us a chance to give back. We helped create some of these products and we want to make sure that they don’t hurt the environment — because we don’t have another planet to go to.”

Steve and Arleen are recognized as two of the most significant leaders of the consumer electronic revolution, which occurred in the early 1970’s.  They established Chafitz Electronic Specialty Center, a company in Rockville, MD which became one of the nation’s leading retailers for consumer electronics. Their company was one of the first to introduce numerous new consumer products using integrated circuits which have defined the Information Era, including the first pocket calculators, the first digital watches, the first video games, the first personal computers, the first consumer VCRs and video cameras, and even the first Sony Walkman. They have also been credited with pioneering electronic games employing the early advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as electronic chess and Backgammon. Their electronic chess game Boris developed a following among chess enthusiasts.

By the late 70s, Steve and Arleen had built a very successful mail-order business that was written about in Business Week, Forbes, the Washington Post, Time, the Wall Street Journal, and others. Steve’s penchant for developing ground-breaking new products and his ability to form warm personal relationships with customers won him an international following.

“The basic thing is you have to be responsive to the needs of the customer, you have to know a lot more than your clients about what you’re doing, and you have to be transparent”, Arleen says. “If they have a problem, you say, ‘that’s not a problem; we’re here to fix it.’ My philosophy has always been to give our customers service above and beyond what they get with others and they always know that if we tell them we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it”.

Steve and Arleen are applying the same personal touch and visionary thinking to e-End. Coming full circle, from introducing revolutionary electronic products, They recognize the importance of good stewardship in managing and recycling the “end of life” stages of these same products. Their success is, and has always been, based on superb service and developing a team with purpose and a “passion for doing it right”.

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