DARPA-Approved Incineration Process

NSA Vetted Process

We offer onsite witnessed:

100% data destruction - Exceed the temperature required for the destruction of data on hard disk drives.

e-End offers onsite witnessed incineration services for material that can not leave customer facilities prior to destruction.

"Reduce to ash" is a cost effective solution for data destruction of all non-paper media.

Meets NSA/CSS policy manual for reducing media to ash.

Reducing to ash eliminates the need to meet 2mm size requirement

We offer on-site incineration to ash of:

  • Hard Drive Incineration ( to 600°C-Magnetic Curie temperature)
  • Magnetic media
  • Optical media
  • Film media
  • Solid state devices (SSD)
  • Equipment Incineration
  • Contraband Incineration

Hard Drive Incineration

Pictured: Bottom of e-End's mobile incinerator, sweeping out molten metals after incineration of electronic media.

For clients requiring hard drive incineration, there are two processes e-End practices, depending on whether it is a magnetic disk drive (revolving platters) versus a Solid State Drive (flash media).

Hard Disk Drives

e-End’s best practice is to shred hard disk drives first, then incinerate. Our mobile incinerator reaches the magnetic Curie temperature for magnetic media (600°C) which eliminates 100% of any data. consumes the magnetic layer of steel platters in hard disk drives, ensuring data is 100% destroyed.

Solid State Drives

SSDs and other flash media are placed in incinerators as whole units and are incinerated to ash with our mobile incinerator. e-End can provide incineration on-site at customer’s facility if required and removes incinerated material from site for further disposition.

Electronic Media Incineration

The following material can be reduced to ash with our exclusive mobile incineration equipment: • Solid State Drive • Thumb drive • CDs/DVD • RAM • SD Memory SIM Card • SanDisk • Cell Phone • Film Media • Magnetic Media • LCD Display • Laptop/Tablet • Copier/Printer Image Drum • Keyboard • Circuit Board • other devices

electronic media incineration.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a mobile incinerator?

e-End's custom designed and proprietary Mobile Incinerator is our exclusive capability to conduct witnessed data destruction at the customer’s facility, which provides the highest level of security and satisfaction for our customers. Our incineration process meets NSA/CSS Policy Manual 9-12 and DARPA requirements for data destruction. 

Why use a mobile incinerator for data destruction?

When destroying the highest levels of classified information, destruction of media to NSA requirements has options: disintegrate to 2mm or incinerate to ash. This 2mm size is hard to reach and there are limited devices to perform 2mm disintegration that are on the NSA Evaluated Product List (EPL. e-End’s incineration provides the NSA’s accepted media destruction via incineration to ash.

Entities that require incineration as the final disposition of material have to escort the classified media to a public incineration facility, which adds excessive man-hours and coordination in order to maintain security during the process. Now, those logistical costs can be eliminated with the exclusive use of e-End's onsite mobile incinerator.

What temperature is required to remove data from hard drive platters?

Our mobile equipment exceeds the magnetic Curie temperature (600° C) required for the destruction of data on a magnetic disk. Our incinerator’s primary burn chamber reaches approximately 1,700°F, which results in the reduction to ash of electronic media components and removing the magnetic layer off of hard drive platters.

How much material can be incinerated?

The chamber capacity of our incinerators accommodate hundreds of cell phones, SSDs, CDs/DVDs and other material in a single incineration burn.

Are there environmental concerns with incineration?

Our mobile incinerator is environmentally friendly. The onsite equipment includes a secondary burn chamber which operates at over 1,800°F, which eliminates emissions.


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