At Least 6,300 Students In Data Breach Of Portland School District May Be Affected

Two high school students in Portland, Oregon are responsible for data breach incident that was reported Friday.


The Centennial School District announced the security breach of its student information systems. District officials do not currently believe any important student information was taken, but the investigation is ongoing. 

Law enforcement is determining the full extent of the breach and figuring what was taken. The District's IT staff reportedly have found and secured the access points that were hacked by the students. The students, who are both under 18, told authorities they did it to "show that the system could be hacked," said Carol Fenstermacher, a school district spokeswoman. 

The hackers were able to access names, birth dates, addresses, schools and grade levels, phone numbers, student IDs, and demographic information of all current and former students were accessed in the incident. Though the number of current and former students that have been affected is unclear, the district, currently serving 6,300 students, does not believe social security numbers were accessed. 

Updates pertaining to the incident and investigation will be posted on the district's website

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