Australia releases animation in new e-waste recycling campaign

Victoria, Australia is being urged to send their e-waste to a better place, in a campaign which highlights the dangers it poses to both humans and the environment.

The new campaign marks the beginning of a two-year effort by Sustainability Victoria which is formulated to help change the way people think about their old electronics, ahead of a state-wide ban on e-waste in rubbish bins and landfill starting on 1 July next year.

Icon Agency are the creatives that made the animation and hired to execute the campaign.  The agency expressed that they took inspiration for the campaign from Pixar animation studios and 1960s program The Jetsons.

“The campaign’s key creative challenge was that most people couldn’t tell you what e-waste is, let alone how to dispose of it correctly. Our goal, therefore, was to ‘show’ the journey of e-waste in a fresh and completely different way,” said Icon Agency’s creative director Rod Clausen.

“Rather than sending e-waste to landfill, the campaign encourages Victorians to ‘take your e-waste to a better place’ so it can be recycled into valuable metals and new products.”

The agency said the e-waste campaign sets a high benchmark for creativity and quality of execution, with Rennae Christensen, campaign adviser for Sustainability Victoria’s social change and engagement department saying it should start a conversation.