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Cyber Insurance and the Protection it Offers Against Cyber Attacks

By: Travis Wall, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP. Massive data breaches have become so prevalent that they are no longer big news. The cyber attacks that do grab headlines typically involve banks or large retailers, in which tens or hundreds of millions of records may have been stolen.

Who's Securing the Back Door?

You know what that sound means. It’s a hacker trying to break in through your front door. They want to reach your network, which is securing valuable data. So how do you stop them? You spend thousands of dollars, maybe more, to create a fortress-like defense to prevent the criminals from crashing the front gates -- and gaining access to the keys of the castle.

e-End Provides Weapons Destruction to Government Agency

e-End was chosen to provide secure and onsite destruction of a large quantity of long guns, handguns and miscellaneous contraband that was confiscated from by the agency from criminals. The onsite destruction consisted of destroying the weapons by shearing them into pieces -- with the shearing always done to destroy the breach area and firing mechanism.