Environmental Responsible CRT Recycling

Did you know…?

  • Maryland Department of the Environment awards $15,000 to counties and $5,000 to municipalities who have addressed methods for the separate collection and recycling of computers and video display devices in their solid waste management plans.
  • Also, manufacturers and retailers who fail to comply with Maryland's eCycling law are subject to a civil penalty, not exceeding $10,000, and an administrative penalty up to $10,000 for each violation.
  • BestBuy is now charging customers $25 for each TV and computer monitor recycled at their stores. And in two states – Illinois and Pennsylvania – they are no longer recycling these particular products.

What is a CRT?

Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) are the
largest component of older computer
monitors and televisions, responsible
for generating and displaying video
images. The CRT is comprised mostly
of glass, with some metals.

What toxins does a single CRT contain?

• Lead: CRT display monitor contains four to eight pounds of lead, which causes brain damage in children and other neurological effects if ingested.
• Mercury and Arsenic: poisonous even in small amounts, found in flat panel and laptop displays.
• Phosphorus: The insides of CRT display monitors are coated with phosphorus dust, that no one wants to inhale.
• Polyvinyl Chloride and Plastics PVC: Burning them releases dioxins and furans.
• Barium: presented in CRT to protect users from radiation, extremely dangerous in landfills or drinking water.

Beware Of Free Fake Recycling

6.9 million tons or 232 million units of CRTs remain to be recovered from homes and businesses in the U.S. 85% of CRTs are projected to be collected and require management over the next 10 years. An additional 330,000 tons is reported to be currently stockpiled by processors.

Sadly, a large proportion of electronics recyclers are really just exporters, an example is the CEO of Discount Computers in Maryland and New Jersey was sentenced for trafficking in counterfeit goods and environmental crimes.

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