Holiday Identity Theft Prevention via Proper Electronic Device Disposal

Holiday Identity Theft Prevention, by Discarding Old Electronic Devices Properly

e-End is Certified to Discard Information From Electronic Devices Properly and Securely.


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During this time of year, as people receive new gifts and replace old electronics including computers and cell phones, experts said properly getting rid of the data on those devices can help prevent identity theft.

“This time of the year, you hear a lot of information that’s getting out there for data breaches and what not,”
— said the Data Security Supervisor for E-end, Natalie Weddle

To make certain that important and private information from the device doesn't make it's way into the wrong hands, the Frederick-based company E- end is certified to help.

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"We do electronic recycling and data sanitation. We offer our services to residential customers as well as commercial clients. The very first thing our team does is they go looking for electronic media. Once they find any hard drives, they are pulled, they are tagged, and they're moved to our restricted area,” Weddle said.


While some people try to destroy their device on their own, folks at E -end said they can bring it here to dispose of it properly.

"People do that, [and] they think that they can smash it with a hammer [or] drill a hole in it. We've even had people that have shot it with a gun. That's not the proper way of doing it. People can still get information off of them,” continued Weddle.

"Once it's shredded, you can't put it back together. There's no way you can get the information back to get anything off of it," Weddle said.

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To help prevent identity theft by safely removing information from electronics, officials at E-end said that from now until Jan. 13, they will be accepting devices from residents free of charge, with an exception of CRT monitors and CRT televisions.