Marine Corps Reserve suffer huge data security breach impacting thousands

Roughly 21,426 Marine Corps Forces Reserve soldiers and civilians were impacted in data breach, when personal confidential information including highly sensitive banking information was spilled on Monday.

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Thousands of Marines, sailors and civilians, confidential personal information including bank account numbers, were compromised in a major data spillage originating from U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve. An unencrypted email with an attachment containing confidential personal information was sent to the wrong email distribution list. This event occurred this week on Monday morning and is one of multiple breaches recently within US Defense organizations. It may even seem minuscule compared to the 250,000 affected by Department of Homeland Security breach notification in January this year. 

The highly sensitive data that was compromised in the Marine Corps Reserve incident included:

* truncated social security numbers
* bank electronic funds transfer
* bank routing numbers
* truncated credit card information
* mailing address
* residential address
* emergency contact information

Though the email with the attachment was sent using the official unclassified Marine domain, it was also sent to civilian accounts, which we can only assume are hosted on public domains. The attached roster was sent out by Defense Travel System (DTS), which is a system to assist military and civilian defense personnel with travel expenditure settlement and itineraries of official authorized travel. 

In a command release from Maj. Andrew Aranda, spokesman for Marine Forces Reserve, he expressed, “The Marine Corps takes the protection of individual Marines’ private information and personal data very seriously, and we have steps in place to prevent the accidental or intentional release of such information.” The story broke on Marine Corps Times 48 hours after the incident.

The Marine Corps will look to notify those affected by the breach, as well as give guidance on safeguarding from identity theft. 

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