IT Asset Recovery Program 

Maximize the Value of Inventory

We work closely with our clients to determine the right asset recovery strategy that is most closely aligned to your business objectives. e-End is an expert in recovering value for your retired IT assets. Our remarketing for your equipment maximizes return on investment (ROI) and minimizes any adverse environmental impact.

Receive the Revenue Share Value (RSV) whether the items are sold or not sold

When assessing the resale potential of an IT asset, we consider equipment...

IT Asset Assessment Conditions.PNG

Remarketing - Revenue Share

How It Works…

  1. You will receive an easy to use form for you to list the items you have for disposal. We will evaluate the items and provide a revenue share proposal. If you have a large amount of equipment, one of our representatives will visit your facility to see the material.
  2. View the Client Inventory Estimator

  3. After receiving your inventory list, you will receive a proposal and, if acceptable, we will schedule a pick-up of your material.

  4. Once your equipment arrives at our secure facility, ALL units will be inspected for any data containing media. Any media that is found will be sanitized immediately.
  1. Items are evaluated for reuse and those that pass inspection for reuse will be assigned a Fair Market Value (FMV). Units with no remarketing value will be recycled.

  2. Items to be remarketed will be refurbished and offered for sale. e-End is a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher and we can process small quantities of equipment from a small business up to hundreds of units from a data center.

  3. Client will receive revenue percentage on the FMV, minus refurbishing and remarketing fees (Revenue Share Value, RSV). Client will receive the RSV whether the items are sold or not sold. This guarantees our client a specific revenue amount regardless of the unit being sold.


Data Sanitization

e-End is NAID AAA certified for destruction of all data on equipment. Data is destroyed according to NIST 800-88 R1 or NSA/CSS Policy Manual 9-12 and we guarantee data cannot be recovered by any means.

Responsible Recycling

Items determined to have little to no aftermarket value will be demanufactured and responsibly recycled in compliance with our R2 Certification Standard.


A detailed Audit Report, along with a Certificate of Data Destruction and Recycling will be furnished upon completion of processing.

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