How e-End keeps you compliant?

Most corporate officers and business owners are not aware that there are numerous federal regulations requiring them to protect sensitive information relating to their customers, employees, patients, and business clients — not to mention your company’s or agency’s confidential information. Failure to do so could make you subject to large fines and/or imprisonment if this information is disclosed. 

Regulatory Compliance

These regulations apply to a single person office as well as major corporations, which is why every business must protect themselves from the consequences of a data breach.

Our team of Data Security Specialists help a wide variety of public, government and private organizations to keep them in compliance with the myriad of federal regulations regarding proper data security, including:

HIPAA Security Rule

By using HIPAA requirements as a guide, no matter what your business is, odds are you will remain in compliance for protecting PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

This disposal implementation specification states that covered entities must:

…Implement policies and procedures to address the final disposition of electronic protected health information, and/or the hardware or electronic media on which it is stored.
— DISPOSAL (R) – § 164.310 (d)(2)(i)

Simply substitute personal, confidential or financial for electronic protected health information and you’ll have a good start to compliance.

Our Compliance Services and Abilities

e-End is the Premier Provider of End Of Life Asset Management Solutions

Secure Sanitization and Destruction of Electronic Media

Our team of Data Security Specialists are trained to properly sanitize hard drives and other data-containing media according NIST 800-88R1 and NSA guidelines.

On-site Data Sanitization and Destruction

In addition to performing our destruction services at our secure facility in Frederick, MD, we are certified to provide the same certified services on-site at our clients’ locations.

ITAR Compliance

For ITAR Compliance and the demilitarization of equipment we provide total destruction and provide a Certificate of ITAR Compliance that certifies the equipment or device has been totally destroyed and con no longer be used for its original intended use.

Unbroken Chain of Custody

From the time we pick up material at your facility (or they enter our possession by dropping off at our facility) until reaching their final state of life, we are able to maintain a continuous and unbroken chain of custody of all items we receive.  All of our downstream processors have been extensively vetted to ensure they meet our same data security and environmental protection guidelines.

Serial Number Capture

Serial numbers of hard drives and other storage media, plus devices and equipment, can be captured & recorded as required by your needs for audit record-keeping purposes.

Independent Third-Party Certification and Verification

Unlike your IT Department (which can’t self-certify their own data destruction work), we can issue you an independent and defendable third-party Certificate of Recycling and Certificate of Data Sanitization. This means you’ll have all the paperwork necessary to prove compliance during an audit. Certificates of Destruction, Demilitarization, ITAR Conformance and other certificates are also available.

Asset Tag Removal

Upon arrival at our facility, our team will inspect every items for asset tags or other identifiable markings and ensure they are removed.

Minimal Environmental Impact

e-End has a Zero Landfill Policy, and all recycling is in full compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Our certifications also ensure that no material will be illegally exported.

Don’t become complacent and think a data breach can’t happen to you. Contact us to learn how we can help empty those rooms of old equipment, establish the required policies and procedures to destroy the data, and provide education on the laws. Not taking the proper actions can lead to significant fines , or even jail time.

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